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How to Make Money Online From Home With Twitter

| Blog | January 24, 2021


If you’re learning how to make money online from home, using social networks like Twitter is a great tool to generate free leads.

There are approximately 27.3 million tweets a day. A lot of them are networking to get business as well, but if you have a better offer you may be able to convert them.

How it works is after setting up a Twitter account, make it a goal to tweet at least 1 tweet an hour. The first tweet is an ad, then follow with a quote, then something of value like an article or video you produced. Throughout the day continue with quotes and value-added content, then at the end of the day, finish with an ad.

The reason you don’t want ads all day is that people are all about themselves, what can you do for me. So if you’re not giving them something of value, they won’t care about your offer. But if you continue to tweet a bunch of cool stuff, they are bound to research who you are and eventually make it to your website.

Automated Tweets

After recommending a tweet every hour you were probably thinking, yikes, how time-consuming. You would literally have to set a timer and stay very close to your computer, or you could set up an automated system.

Social Oomph is a website that allows you to do just that. Set up a free account, put in your tweets for the day, set what time you want them released, and wallah! You are free to do whatever you want for the remainder of the day and not give Twitter a second thought.

How’s that for monetizing your time?

Twitter on Steroids

So you might also be thinking, okay I can send all these tweets out, but to who? I have to spend my time picking people to tweet. How do I choose? How do I get people to follow me?

When you begin, if there is someone successful in your industry on Twitter, go to their profile, see who is following them and start to follow them yourself. To make things easier, you can get software called Hummingbird that automatically adds people for you. You can also unfollow people with the software. You simply turn it on and it selects people page by page until you tell it to stop.

One word of caution, you don’t want your ratio of followers to following you to be greater than 10%. Twitter may shut you down. So ad a few people, then consistently get your word out with Social Oomph and you will quickly see more and more followers.

Monetizing Traffic

Now that you have thousands of people following you with automated tweets going out every day, how do you make money?

In your tweets, refer to your Facebook page, ask them to be your friend. This gives them a better idea as to who you are when they see your pictures and posts. https://youtu.be/eqZzE2bsX2w

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