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4 Reasons to Own a Classified Ad Site

| Classified Ads | November 13, 2020

Companies and individuals that have something to sell or that want to make their businesses and brands known to potential customers cannot do without advertising. But with advertising costs skyrocketing and advertising budgets diminishing, these companies and individuals are constantly looking for cheap but effective ways to advertise.

Classified ads marketing appeals to them because of its low-budget methods of marketing both online and offline. Besides, as an SEO strategy, such ads are considered to be one of the fastest resulting SEO techniques for promoting businesses and offers. These present opportunities for the entrepreneur to seize.

Here are four reasons for you to own a classified ads site… You get revenue daily, Not only companies and individuals with reducing advertising budgets are turning to these ads sites but also people with limited budgets find them an attractive avenue for posting ads on what they have to offer.

This is making owners of these highly sought sites make money every minute of the day. Don’t think only the mega-sites are reaping the benefits here. No. Even semi-popular sites are raking it in pretty good because they have some traffic! Imagine the daily revenue potential of a site charging a few dollars for people to post an ad to all cities or countries! Yet some modest classified ad sites are charging more! And the great news? Advertisers are flocking to them!

You receive monthly residual income

As your site gains in popularity, major sponsors will be more than happy to pay to place their banner ads on it. This will bring you handsome monthly ad revenue from local or even national advertisers. This other “mailbox money” or “sugar on the coating” type of income is more than reason enough to own such a site as this amount is something that people love getting!

You build a list to monetize to if you want

By providing FREE ad posts on your site, and even with paid advertising, you have a great opportunity to build a database.

This is because to post ads on your site, people have to provide all of their information. As you capture this data you are also building a valuable database. And in marketing, there is nothing as priceless as such a list of potential consumers of products and services. For, if you have products or services or even business opportunities to market, you can do so to this list!

And this works because people on such lists have more trust in you because they have grown to know and like you for the services you have provided them in the past. And in online marketing especially, nothing beats trust and credibility.

Long term value of your site and your possible exit strategy

As the number of your advertisers and visitors go up, your site also grows in popularity. This will forcibly translate into increased revenues from ads, sponsors, etc. Once your site is perceived by investors as carrying value, they may want to invest in it or acquire it all together. Remember how eBay wanted to buy Craigslist? If you think this example is rather far-fetched, imagine what your site will be worth if it becomes just .000001% of the value of Craigslist?

This is possible to attain because there IS room in the market and world for that. New independent consumers are entering the market every day, senior citizens are growing older, and the middle class is growing in emerging economies, even in hitherto unlikely places like Africa. Advertising will be needed to reach all these people. So don’t think growing your site to a high level is impossible.

These are just some of the reasons to own a classified ads site. But I think they are enough to make you see the potential to goad you into owning one of them, soon. http://freewayclassifiedads.com/

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